Pride Season – 1 The Protesters

Salt Lake City Library loves us!

Downtown Salt Lake is decked out in rainbows

It’s Gay Pride season! You know what that means, I hope: families out and about, businesses offering support for equal rights, a weekend of community support, and protesters.

0071 0072

And also counter-protesters.

The man in the yellow cap asking us to repent was actually very kind! Not like the guy telling us we deserve hell.

The reason I gave this post a separate billing from the rest of the festival is because of the two gentlemen featured above. See, they just stood there quietly by each other until the man in red (below) saw the counter-protest sign.


And then he started screaming things like, “Fuck him? I’ll fuck you up! I will!”

The gentleman in the yellow cap told him firmly but politely, over and over, “No, he’s fine. No, he’s all right. Leave him alone. He’s cool.” Until the man in the red skulked off to be angry at something else, I imagine. Then the protester in the cap complimented my friend on her outfit (rainbows and fabulous boots!) and wished us a good day.


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